Here’s the Truth To How Cards Against Humanity Treats Their Chinese Factory Workers

Here’s the Truth To How Cards Against Humanity Treats Their Chinese Factory Workers
Ryan General
December 19, 2015
Cards Against Humanity, America’s favorite party game company that combines “mature” comedy with a socially relevant commentary, surprised everyone with something so unusual, they’ve got to be the first to do it.
In a blog post, the company revealed that it used some of the money from earnings it got off their “Eight sensible gifts of Hanukkah” promotion which humorous gifts were sent out over the course of the Hanukkah holiday.
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The blog stated that while “most companies don’t like to draw attention to” the reality that Chinese workers create their product and that “Americans often don’t see the labor that goes into the things they buy,” the company said it was “important to us to go above and beyond our obligation to the workers who make our game.”
The Chinese factory was said to have no available in-house paid vacations, Cards Against Humanity stepped in and “bought 100% of the factory’s capacity and paid them to produce nothing for a week, giving the people who make Cards Against Humanity an unexpected chance to visit family or do whatever they pleased.”
The post also mentioned that the Chinese workers have “excellent wages and working conditions” but that “Chinese working conditions are generally more strict” and that paid vacations are “very uncommon” in China. It understands that the offer “doesn’t undo the ways that all of us profit from unfair working conditions around the world,” but said “it’s a step in the right direction.”
While it did not specify the total cost spent for the vacation, the blog showcased photos and “thank you” notes from the Chinese workers.
Known for its philanthropy, Cards Against Humanity, also gave donations to National Public Radio and purchased a remote island in Maine, to keep the wilderness “unspoiled”.
Good job Cards Against Humanity!
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