Cardi B Faces Online Backlash Over Her Use of ‘Ch*nky Eyes’

Cardi B Faces Online Backlash Over Her Use of ‘Ch*nky Eyes’Cardi B Faces Online Backlash Over Her Use of ‘Ch*nky Eyes’
Artist Cardi B recently shot back at critics after getting blasted for using “chinky eyes” in describing her sister’s eyes.
The 27-year-old rapper posted an image of her 2-year-old daughter, Kulture, on Instagram, writing: “So, this how [Kulture] finna look? I love it.”
While both image and caption were harmless, many took issue on the response she wrote to one of her commenters, BuzzFeed reports.
After a fan commented that the toddler in the image looked like Cardi’s sister Hennessey, Cardi replied, “I think cause Hennessy got chinky eyes like offset and so KK. ITs the only think I could think of [sic].”
The comment immediately drew backlash due to Cardi’s use of “chinky” which is a racist slur used to insult the eyes of people of Asian descent. Some Cardi fans urged the star to delete her remarks.
“We love you Cardi but the word ch*nky is considered a racial slur. Please delete. Your comments are about to explode lol,” a commenter wrote.
“Yooo wtf that’s a straight up racist slur,” another replied.
Some Cardi fans came to her defense, with one writing, “She means almond-shaped. I doubt she meant to be racist.”
One fan pointed out that regardless of the singer’s intention, her post is still problematic.
“Impact matters more than intention,” the fan wrote. “Just because she didn’t ‘mean to say something racist’ doesn’t mean it can’t be taken that way by marginalized people.”
Instead of acknowledging her fault and apologizing, Cardi took to Twitter to respond at her critics and blame the internet instead.
“I didn’t know that ch**ky eyes was a slur like wtfff,” Cardi claimed in a tweet that has since been deleted.
“I DONT KNOW F***IN EVERYTHING!! We don’t even use that as a insult and I didn’t use it as a insult. I’m sick of the internet [sic].”
It is worth noting that Cardi has spoken up against racism towards Asians amid the COVID-19 pandemic during an Instagram Live session.
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