You Can’t Donate Sperm in Beijing Unless You Are Loyal to China’s Communist Party

You Can’t Donate Sperm in Beijing Unless You Are Loyal to China’s Communist Party

April 9, 2018
A sperm bank in Beijing has recently made headlines for its strict donor requirements, including loyalty to China’s Communist Party and its ideology.
The Peking University Third Hospital in the Haidan district of Beijing launched a new sperm donation program on Wednesday, posting a list of requirements on its social media accounts for potential donors, according to South China Morning Post.
“[The donors must] love the socialist motherland and embrace the leadership of the Communist Party,” the notice wrote. “[He must] be loyal to the party’s tasks, be decent, law-abiding, and be free of any political problems.”
Aside from political party loyalty, the campaign also listed a perfect bill of health as necessary for would-be donors that are over 20 years of age. This means that they must have no history of genetic illnesses or even infectious diseases of any kind, Shanghaiist reported. They must also be free from, or show no signs of, hair loss, color blindness and/or weight problems.
Image Peking University Third Hospital via SCMP
Candidates will have to be evaluated before donating to determine the quality of the sperm and overall fitness; however, it appears that there won’t be any kind of test to ensure loyalty to China’s Communist Party.
“It would be fine as long as you consider yourself suitable,” according to a doctor who spoke to SCMP.
After passing the test, candidates will be paid 200 yuan ($32) immediately and 5,500 yuan ($871) after each successful donation. They will then be required to donate 10 times over the course of six months.
Featured image via Shanghaiist (Left) | Flickr / Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, UofT (CC BY 2.0)
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