Canola Oil is the Cure for Belly Fat, Study Finds

Canola Oil is the Cure for Belly Fat, Study Finds
Ryan General
November 4, 2016
Science has found a way to effectively reduce waistlines and trim belly fat and it involves introducing canola oil in diets.
A new study has revealed that abdominal obesity can be significantly reduced in as little as four weeks just by including the oil, extracted from the yellow-flowered rapeseed plant, in a healthy diet.
According to Penn State report released at the Obesity Society’s Annual Scientific Meeting on Wednesday, monounsaturated fats found in canola oil helps reduce bad cholesterol significantly and may even decrease the risk for breast cancer.
“Visceral, or abdominal, fat increases the risk for cardiovascular disease, and is also associated with increased risk for conditions such as metabolic syndrome and diabetes,” said Penny M Kris-Etherton, researcher and professor at Pennsylvania State University. “Monounsaturated fats in canola oil decrease this fat that has adverse health effects.”
In the controlled study, conducted by Penn State researchers, 101 test participants with belly fat were asked to drink two smoothies randomly blended with a specified oil per day. The quantity of the blended oil was determined by the participant’s energy needs. After each four-week period, participants were given a four-week break before starting the next diet period. The subjects drank smoothies blended with flax/safflower oil, corn/safflower oil, and the three types of canola oil: the conventional, high-oleic acid, and high-oleic acid canola with DHA.
Each smoothie contained 100 grams of orange sherbet, 100 grams of non-fat milk, 100 grams of frozen unsweetened strawberries and 30 grams of canola oil. Researchers also made sure that the canola oil was incorporated carefully into the diets so it did not exceed the participant’s daily calorie needs.
After the duration of the test, researchers found that those who used the canola oil varieties lost a quarter pound of belly fat in just four weeks. The lost weight from their abdomen also did not just redistribute elsewhere in body.
“As a general rule, you can not target weight loss to specific body regions,” said Kris-Etherton. “But monounsaturated fatty acids seem to specifically target abdominal fat.”
Kris-Etherton recommends adding canola oil to a healthy diet when sautéing foods, in baking, or by adding it into smoothies or salad dressings.
Canola oil has also been found to lower fat levels in the blood in other studies. According to a research recently published by JAMA Internal Medicine, using monounsaturated fats found in canola oil in place of saturated fats reduced deaths from heart disease, respiratory disease, cancer and dementia by 13%.
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