Taiwanese Model Goes Viral in Japan for Her Extremely Long Legs

Taiwanese Model Goes Viral in Japan for Her Extremely Long Legs
Ryan General
By Ryan General
December 18, 2017
Meet Candice, the Taiwanese model who has been sending hearts aflutter online for her innate beauty.
According to Soranews24, the gorgeous social media celebrity has a growing fan base in Japan who marvel at her physical attributes, particularly her incredibly long legs. 
At 110 centimeters (43 inches) in length, her legs are approximately about 64% of her total 173-centimeter (5 ft 7 in) height.
Candice is typically seen flaunting her legs in Instagram photos via attention-grabbing poses that further accentuate them. 
Her Japanese fans reportedly first fell in love with the model’s “office lady” get up featured in one of her Facebook photos. The image, which earned comments of admiration from adoring fans, has been widely shared on local social media in Japan.
Her Instagram account, where she promises her followers to “share every moment in my life with you”, currently has over 60,000 followers, while her Facebook page nearly has 200,000 likes.
Her shots exude so much confidence and charm that she is definitely able to promote all sorts of beauty products.
Candice’s photo of her wearing a Sailor Moon-style Japanese sailor suit school uniform is definitely eye-catching.
The model, who poses both with and without makeup, totally rocks all types of outfits, be it modern, traditional or in between:
To maintain her glowing skin and awesome physique, Candice not only works out regularly but also keeps herself hydrated with lots of water and fruit juices.
As more fans discover her beauty, we expect her star to shine even more in the future.
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