Husband Sacrifices Stomach Cancer Treatment for Wife With Breast Cancer and Daughter With Lupus

A man in eastern China decided to sacrifice his cancer treatment to save costs for his wife and daughter, who were also struck with medical conditions.

Ke Meinan, 42, who lives in Jiangsu province, was diagnosed with stomach cancer in 2015, while his wife, Wang Huaying, 46, was diagnosed with breast cancer later.


In what seems to be a cruel joke on the family, their daughter, 16, was diagnosed in May with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), an autoimmune disorder in which the body mistakenly attacks healthy tissues.

“It already cost us 180,000 yuan,” said Ke, who has since sold their home and borrowed money from relatives and friends, according to Sina News.

To save up on medical costs, Ke proposed that he and his wife draw lots to determine who should miss out on treatment.

Little did Wang know, however, that her husband had rigged the draw to ensure that she continues receiving care.

“You got the blank one, so you should raise our daughter until she becomes an adult,” Ke told Wang, according to the South China Morning Post.

However, Ke revealed later that both lots had been blank, which represented his wife.

Ke and Wang earn a sum of 2,000 yuan ($290) a month doing construction and factory jobs, respectively.

Their daughter, however, requires 10,000 yuan ($1,450) each day to be treated.

As the family’s story went public, donations poured in to the tune of 900,000 yuan ($130,790) in the first six hours.

“The money raised is sufficient for my daughter’s treatment. You can stop donating now,” Wang said alongside her husband, thanking everyone who chipped in.

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