Cancer Patient Reunited With Family After Attempting Suicide and Running Away in China

A cancer-stricken man in China who ran away from home after consuming pesticide was rescued and returned to his family in an emotional reunion.

The man, surnamed Xia, penned a note before leaving in home in Panan County, Zhejiang Province, eastern China.

chinese cancer patient suicide note

According to China Daily, his cancer, which was unspecified, recurred for the third time.

“I left home not because you don’t treat me well, but because you treat me too well,” the South China Morning Post quoted Xia as saying.

suicidal chinese man reunited with family

Apparently, he became increasingly worried over the financial stress his family must endure to afford his treatments. He had undergone chemotherapy sessions and surgical procedures.

“It’s so painful for me to live on and I don’t want to plunge our home into having nothing.”

“After I die, find a healthy and considerate man to live with you for the rest of life. I will bless you,” Xia addressed his wife.

search and rescue operation

Upon finding the letter, his wife rushed to call local authorities to report the situation. A search and rescue operation was launched on the morning of Tuesday, Jan. 16.

After a tense search, police discovered Xia in the afternoon, hiding in a small cave located within an abandoned coal mine.

cancer patient found in cave in china

He was rushed to the hospital upon confessing that he drank pesticide to hasten his death.

Thankfully, the agent was flushed out of his system in time, and doctors released him back to his family.

chinese cancer patient drinks pesticide

Xia is reportedly receiving psychological support to help him cope.

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