Canadian Woman Fired From Job for Racist Rant Against Afghan Man in Denny’s

Canadian Woman Fired From Job for Racist Rant Against Afghan Man in Denny’sCanadian Woman Fired From Job for Racist Rant Against Afghan Man in Denny’s
Carl Samson
May 11, 2018
A Canadian woman found herself unemployed after her racist tirade against a group of men was caught in a video that went viral.
The woman, identified as Kelly Pocha, snapped at Monir Omerzai and his friends inside a Denny’s restaurant in Lethbridge, Alberta, last month.
The incident was caught in a video that circulated in social media only recently.
Omerzai, who came from Afghanistan 13 years ago, was conversing with three friends in Dari, their native language, when Pocha lashed out allegedly “for no reason.”
“Shut your f***ing mouth then,” Pocha demanded in the beginning of the video. “Cause you know what? You’re dealing with a Canadian woman now, and I will leap across this table and punch you right in the f***ing mouth.”
The group tried to shrug off the situation with laughter but the woman kept going.
“Go back to your f***ing country. We don’t need you here.”
Pocha’s husband then told the group to “relax,” but his wife went on.
“Excuse me? I was born and raised here. I am Canadian,” she asserted.
“It doesn’t matter, we’re all Canadians. We’re all the same, you’re a human being, I’m a human being,” one from the group said as Pocha interrupted, insisting “No, you are not Canadian.”
Shortly, Pocha started questioning Omerzai and his friends about paying taxes.
“Do you pay taxes here, my friend?
“Not all your f***ing friends pay taxes here.”
Pocha then stood up to face the group.
“Excuse me? You know what? You’re not dealing with one of your Syrian bitches right now. You’re dealing with a Canadian woman and I’m not gonna be talked down to by you.
“You laugh all you want. You know what? That’s a prime example of why we don’t want you here.”
The heated exchange escalated but came to a halt as a police officer arrived at 12:52 a.m., minutes after the restaurant called to report. Omerzai’s group left the premises at 1:00 a.m. while Pocha and her husband left five minutes later.
Omerzai, now 26 and a Canadian citizen, said that it was the first time he experienced such attack.
He recalled the event in an interview with CBC:
“She started looking like this toward us, we just said ‘Is everything OK?’ or ‘Is there any problem?’ From there she started going off. We were laughing and talking in our own language … but obviously we were not saying anything about her.
“What’s going through my head is why is there so much hate in her? Why would she even say that, to go back to my country? We’re all immigrants here.”
For her part, Pocha claimed that it all started when the men “started talking in their own language.” She also thought they laughed at her.
“If I could take it back, I would. But I can’t,” the mother-of-three from Cranbrook, B.C., told Lethbridge News Now.
She argued that the woman in the video was not who she is.
“What people are seeing isn’t the whole story. I was put down as well. There were comments made to me. My reaction was basically me just angry. Yes, I made some comments that shouldn’t have been said… I even went back to Denny’s and apologised to the manager, to the server. I told the manager if I could apologise to the men that were there, I would, for my actions. Because I mean, that’s not who I am.
“It is what it is…but I do apologise for what I said, cause a lot of it is not me. I don’t normally say things like that.”
Pocha’s employer, Cranbrook Dodge, fired her over the incident.
Images via FaceBook / Monir Omerzai
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