Man Attempts ‘Citizen’s Arrest’ of Person He Thinks is An ‘Illegal Alien’ at Grocery Store

Man Attempts ‘Citizen’s Arrest’ of Person He Thinks is An ‘Illegal Alien’ at Grocery StoreMan Attempts ‘Citizen’s Arrest’ of Person He Thinks is An ‘Illegal Alien’ at Grocery Store
The police hate crime unit in Ontario is reviewing an incident involving a Canadian man who verbally harassed a shopper at a Sobeys grocery store in North London.
Officers from the London Police Service reprimanded the unnamed man after attempting to make a citizen’s arrest against the shopper who he referred to as an “illegal alien.”
Facebook user Katie Pocasangre Montoya shared footage of the incident showing the man preventing the shopper from leaving the store while on the phone with London Police on Tuesday.
“Don’t touch me… don’t f*cking touch me,” the shopper in a hoodie told the man who was harassing him. “Don’t touch me… don’t touch me. What? Are you going to assault me?”
Someone tried to intervene and told the man that he cannot make a citizen’s arrest. The man then pushed the victim back toward the store’s checkout lanes.
“I want to leave,” the shopper can be heard saying. “Stop assaulting me, I want to leave.”
The footage ended as the man continued to try to leave the area.
While it was not shown in the video, Sobey’s staff reportedly contacted the police to diffuse the altercation.
In Canada, a person is only allowed to make a citizen’s arrest if they are the owner of the property where a crime is being committed; in lawful possession of the property; or have been authorized by the owner or the person in lawful possession of the property, according to the Department of Justice.
A statement released by the Ontario Canada London Police Service on Thursday revealed that both men left the store without further incident. They also gave the man a warning about his behavior before allowing him to leave.
According to the police, the victim reportedly chose not to file any charges, Sputnik News reports. The statement did not indicate how the conflict began.
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