You Can Buy This Cute Soup Dumpling Nightlight for Just $15

Adults don’t necessarily need nightlights, but adults can also spend their own money on anything they want, like this sweet nightlight!

A company called Smoko makes this Little B Dumpling Ambient Light that is sure to warm any dark room with adorable style for only $15. Hey, they also make great gifts for those (like me) who are terrible at buying them for other people!

Just pop in three AAA batteries and you’ll have this adorable light keeping you company all night. It even has a one-hour auto shut-off feature.

The Little B Dumpling Ambient Light is now available for pre-order with an estimated shipping date (our of Los Angeles) of early June.

(Bamboo basket not included)

And if you love this product, then you’ll probably love these other products from Smoko too, like the Giant Dumpling Lamp (which is unfortunately currently sold out!).

This Pearl Boba Tea Lamp

And this Tony Ramen Ambient Light!

Editor’s note: We may get a cut of the sales made here. We appreciate you guys helping us keep the lights on.

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