Campaign Starts for Cancer-Stricken Man Whose Sister Tried to Sell Her Virginity

A British expat in Hangzhou, China, has started a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for a leukemia-stricken man.
Samantha Gomersall heard of Xu Yanhong’s predicament last month when the 23-year-old’s younger sister attempted to sell her virginity to save him.
Yanhong’s 19-year-old sister tried selling her body for 200,000 yuan ($29,000) to help pay debts and future medical bills, but she was appropriately halted by authorities.
Now, Gomersall has created a four-minute video as part of her campaign for Yanhong. She posted:
“Although Xu Yanhong has had much interest and help from the local people here in China, he still needs to raise over another £9000 (90,000 yuan) for his on going treatment.”
That’s around $13,000 more, and Gomersall is determined to help:
“He is a loving guy who just wants to cover his medical expenses so that his family do not have to sell their belongings or their bodies to keep funding his treatment.”
The expat shared the reason behind her affinity to help the family:
“This story is close to my heart, as having an older brother who I love deeply, and a sister who has had many serious heart conditions herself, and was saved only by the fact [that] we grew up in a country that provides free healthcare. It made me wonder if I would do the same for my own brother. I concluded I probably would.”
As of press time, the campaign has earned £4,206 (around $5,260).
Check out the campaign video below:
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