‘You came over on a boat!’ Customer Throws Food, Insults Restaurant Employees in the U.K.

A female customer was recently caught on video spewing out racist comments towards a Chinese takeout worker after she complained that the food she ordered was “raw.”

The incident happened at the Wonderful Chinese Meltham, West Yorkshire branch in the U.K. last week when the unidentified female customer berated the worker at the counter and complained about her food, Metro reported.

Netizen Dylan Letremy captured the encounter and posted it on his Twitter account, which has now been watched more than 4,000 times as of this writing.

In the clip, the customer can be seen pouring the food she ordered from the container onto the counter, claiming it was raw. She then began throwing the food at the female worker, and eventually, the container.

Afterward, the worker threatened the customer to never call their restaurant or show up there again or else she’ll call the police on her. Instead of feeling threatened, the woman suddenly dropped a racist comment.

I’m a Melthamer, I was born here, you came over here on a boat,” she said before leaving the restaurant.

Featured Image via Twitter / dylanletremy

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