Cambodian YouTubers Casually Prepare Huge Spiders to Eat with Beer

Cambodian YouTubers Casually Prepare Huge Spiders to Eat with BeerCambodian YouTubers Casually Prepare Huge Spiders to Eat with Beer
A video of two Cambodian women deep-frying black tarantulas to a crispy afternoon snack has gone viral on social media.
With few ingredients for seasoning, they managed to cook the “yummy” spider recipe, which some viewers claim tastes like crabs.
In the video, the pair can be seen drowning newly-harvested tarantulas in water.
They then added salt.
For a second time, they rinsed the arachnids in plain water before chopping garlic and chili pepper.
They then flavored the spiders with an unknown seasoning while heating oil in the frying pan.
They sautéed the garlic and chili pepper.
Finally, they dropped the tarantulas — some of which still faintly moved while being seasoned — into the pan.
The women fried the spiders to a crisp for several minutes before feasting on them.
They paired the snack with Cambodian beer.
The video came from Natural Life TV, a “survivalist” YouTube channel that showcases “primitive cooking and forest lifestyle.”
Last year, operators of the channel — including one of the women, Ah Lin Tuch — were arrested and forced to publicly apologize after skinning and eating a number of endangered animals.
The video, which was posted on Feb. 8, has received more than 65,000 views on the platform. It was also reposted on Facebook page “Viet Funny Videos,” where it has gone viral with over 720,000 views.
Viewers had mixed reactions toward the unusual recipe. While some found it interesting, many appeared to be downright disturbed.
Images via YouTube / Natural Life TV
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