4 in 10 California residents contemplating moving out of state, survey says

4 in 10 California residents contemplating moving out of state, survey says4 in 10 California residents contemplating moving out of state, survey says
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More than 40% of California’s residents are considering moving out of state, according to a new statewide survey.
The results: While 70% of residents said they are happy living in California due to the state’s diversity, enjoyable lifestyle and economic opportunities, more than 40%, or about 4 in 10 residents, reported that they are considering leaving.
Cost of living: About 61% of respondents said the reason they would leave the state is due to the high cost of living, with about 71% of them identifying as either Black or Asian/Pacific Islander. 
While 35% of those surveyed noted living comfortably, 46% said they are struggling to save money or pay for unexpected expenses, and 18% said they are finding it hard to make ends meet monthly. 
Political views: Another 30% of respondents pointed to California’s policies and laws that do not align with their political views as the reason for their considering leaving the state. Conservative respondents and self-identified Republicans were reportedly much more likely to cite politics as the reason for their consideration than Democrats.
Among those who identified as Republicans, 83% said the state’s direction was on the wrong track, while only about 20% of Democrats said the same thing, according to the Los Angeles Times, who noted that white residents had a more negative view of the state than people of color.
Where are Californians moving?: The top three places where residents are moving to are Dallas, Seattle and Portland, respectively. 
According to the Los Angeles Times, California residents who moved out of state reached a record of 407,000 between July 2021 and July 2022. The state has reportedly been losing residents to other states every year since 2000. 
About the poll: The California Community poll surveyed 1,354 Californians over the age of 18, online in English or Spanish. The poll, which was conducted from June 6 to 16 by Strategies 360 in partnership with the Los Angeles Times, was sponsored by three community organizations, including the Los Angeles Urban League, Hispanas Organized for Political Equality and the Center for Asians United for Self-Empowerment.
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