California Woman Blows Up on Chinese Restaurant Owners Over a Dropped Call

California Woman Blows Up on Chinese Restaurant Owners Over a Dropped Call
Ryan General
By Ryan General
May 21, 2018
A woman who claimed to be a lawyer recorded herself causing a massive commotion inside a Chinese restaurant, berating the business owners for allegedly hanging up on her.
In the video she first uploaded on Thursday, the customer identified as Imelda Pacheco, according to her YouTube channel, can be seen shouting at the owners of Hunan Garden in Oxnard, California.
With a camera phone in her hand, Pacheco started questioning the female owner, Michelle, why her call to the restaurant was dropped. As she was busy attending to other customers at the time, Michelle advised Pacheco to wait.
A few seconds later, the impatient customer began making a scene by banging on a table. A man named Jeffrey then approached the customer, introduced himself as the manager and told her that he was not giving her permission to shoot a video inside their establishment.
Claiming to be a lawyer, the woman stated that she has a right and “it’s fine” to continue filming. After telling the owners that it was wrong for them to hang up on her, she then proceeded to threaten that the video would be posted on social media.
While both Michelle and Jeffrey remained calm and respectful throughout the five-minute tirade, Pacheco had the gall to insult them by saying “I know how you guys work.”
According to witnesses, the woman continued to berate the owners in the parking lot after she stopped recording. One customer defended the restaurant, saying that her family has been satisfied customers of the establishment for over 30 years.
In an interview with Stay Classy Oxnard, Michelle and Jeffrey explained what Pacheco was talking about in the video.
The Facebook page reported that the customer’s actions have been quite tough for Michelle, who revealed that while Pacheco ordered numerous times from their restaurant before, her interactions with her have consistently been problematic.
The customer and her husband have reportedly made it a habit to call the restaurant to complain of receiving the wrong dish. After eating half of the allegedly wrong dish, Pacheco or her husband would demand to redeliver the “right dish.”
Michelle also shared a story when she delivered the food herself and the woman made her wait for 45 minutes outside of her house. Pacheco then informed her that the food was already cold and demanded a replacement. When Michelle brought her hot food, she reportedly made her wait again for another 15 minutes at the door.
On the day the woman stormed the restaurant, Michelle explained that Pacheo was upset after she informed her that she could no longer place any phone orders due to her previous actions. After being told that she would have to place an order in the restaurant, the woman began shouting profanities and racist remarks over the phone.
Netizens who viewed the video collectively expressed support toward the restaurant owners and disdain for the obnoxious customer.
“She just sounds crazy! Yes, let’s make your bullying a businessman and making zero sense go viral,” a regular customer wrote. “I hope that lawyer’s clients know that they have a lunatic representing them! I’ve gone to Hunan Garden for years and only had great experiences with them. She seems like someone who’d ask for the manager if Jesus Christ was her server!”
Pacheco, who has since deleted the video from her channel, has yet to address the issue following the reactions of Oxnard’s online community.
Featured Image via YouTube / Imelda Pacheco
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