Angry Customer Leaves 13-Foot Python as a Tip After Spending $200 at a Sushi Restaurant

A California man who was angry with the management of a Studio City sushi restaurant dropped off a big surprise as revenge.
After paying for his $200 meal at Iroha Sushi of Tokyo on Sunday evening, Hiroshi Motohashi began showing off a small pet snake to other diners at the restaurant, reported the Los Angeles Times.
The restaurant’s managers then asked the 46-year-old snake owner to leave and he complied.
Only minutes later, however, Motohashi returned, except he brought along a much bigger reptile than before.
“[Expletive], you guys,” Motohashi said before he dropped a 13-foot-long python in the middle of the restaurant floor and walked out.
The giant yellow snake caused some frightened customers to run out of the restaurant, reported KCBS-TV.
“Get this thing out! You know, everyone’s like eating, so customers are yelling, ‘Get this thing out! Are you crazy,’” waitress Jessie Davaadorj told KCBS-TV.
The snake was later removed by the Los Angeles Fire Department and Los Angeles Animal Services from an area near the restaurant’s cash register where it had gotten stuck.
In order to get both of his snakes back from the East Valley facility of Animal Services in Van Nuys, Motohashi must show proof of ownership and the proper permits, Cmdr. Mark Salazar of the Animal Services Department said.
Motohashi has encountered legal trouble before over his herpetoculturist operations. In 2005, he was sentenced to 15 months for selling Gila monster lizards without a permit. Eight years earlier in 1997, he was caught by an undercover officer selling yellow-spotted sideneck turtles and San Esteban Island chuckwallas, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported.
“I love to educate people about the animals and let them see things they wouldn’t normally see and I want people to see how they could take care of these animals responsibly,” Motohashi told San Diego Uptown News in a 2011 article that featured A Glass Jungle, his San Diego-based pet shop.
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