‘California Croissant’ Stuffed With ‘Sushi’ Sparks Outrage on Facebook

‘California Croissant’ Stuffed With ‘Sushi’ Sparks Outrage on Facebook‘California Croissant’ Stuffed With ‘Sushi’ Sparks Outrage on Facebook
Carl Samson
December 27, 2018
People are having none of a bakery chain’s croissant stuffed with smoked salmon it conveniently calls sushi.
Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, located in Highland Park, California calls its new pastry the “California Croissant.”
In a recent video from Tastemade, “masterminds” at the bakery show how the croissant is made.
Bakers first prepare the dough by cutting and shaping it into a batch of triangle strips.
Wasabi is added at the base of the strips.
Nori and slices of smoked salmon are then placed on top, followed by a piece of pickled ginger.
The stuffing ends with furikake, a dry seasoning typically sprinkled above cooked rice.
The baker then rolls the croissants and bakes them.
When ready, Tastemade recommends adding soy sauce for an “extra, unexpected kick.”
The video has received two million views on Facebook, but many criticized the product for different reasons.
Some argued that it simply isn’t sushi.
Others described such a combination of the French and Japanese delicacies as an “abomination.”
Still, some are glad believing that such things only happen in California.
This is not the first time an American food business has come under fire for making “fusion” menus, which netizens have dismissed as cultural appropriation.
Earlier this month, a restaurant in Brooklyn drew backlash for serving cheeseburger shumai and French onion soup dumplings, to name a few.
Images via Facebook / Tastemade
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