Chinese pop idol Cai Xukun denies wrongdoing, apologizes for sex scandal

Chinese pop idol Cai Xukun denies wrongdoing, apologizes for sex scandalChinese pop idol Cai Xukun denies wrongdoing, apologizes for sex scandal
Chinese pop idol Cai Xukun has spoken out regarding allegations that he coerced a woman to have an abortion after he got her pregnant.
The allegations: Days after the allegations against Xukun first surfaced online via an entertainment blogger, the accuser, referred to as “Ms C,” joined celebrity photographer Jiang Xiaoyan in a livestream on June 26 to support her claims. During the broadcast, she presented alleged evidence including an ultrasound photo of the baby and abortion records. 
The 24-year-old singer and the woman allegedly met through a mutual friend at a Beijing KTV in May 2021. According to the blogger’s claims, Ms C had an abortion in early July 2021.
In the broadcast, Ms C also shared alleged WeChat records and a voice recording of Xukun’s mother, who is said to have suspected her of blackmailing her son. Xukun’s mother is accused of hiring a private investigator and installing a hidden camera outside of Ms C’s apartment to monitor her. 
Xukun’s response: Xukun responded days after the scandal went viral on Chinese social media, denying any wrongdoing.
“The relationship between C and I was consensual,” he wrote in a post on Weibo that garnered 5 million views in three hours. He went on to deny that Ms C was underage or that he forced her to have an abortion.
Xukun claimed that he used to date Ms C, but that they ended their private relationship in 2021 with “no further entanglements.” The singer also apologized and promised to change his behavior.
“This has been a painful lesson for me. For the past two years, I have lived with regret and remorse,” he said.
He has not commented on claims surrounding his mother. However, his studio is reportedly taking legal action against false statements. 
About Xukun: Xukun, who is currently on his Kun 2023 World Tour, rose to fame in 2018 after participating in iQiyi’s reality survival show “Idol Producer,” where he finished first and debuted as the lead singer of the boy group Nine Percent.  
Due to the scandal, Xukun’s music videos were removed from state broadcaster CCTV’s video streaming app. The reality show “Keep Running” has also postponed an upcoming episode in which Xukun was set to appear as a guest.
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