Cafe in Japan Only Hires Waitresses Who Don’t Wear Makeup

Cafe in Japan Only Hires Waitresses Who Don’t Wear Makeup
Heather Johnson Yu
December 19, 2017
Naturalia Café has made headlines for its unique rules for its staff members’ appearance, demanding a natural aesthetic for each employee.
The owners of the cafe were inspired to create their brand after becoming disillusioned with the cabaret and cafe scene in Sapporo. “Although there are beautiful girls [in these establishments] indeed, [they have] blonde hair, [their] nails are gaudy, [and they’re always] smoking cigarettes,” said their crowdfunding page. They desired to see a more natural beauty in the cafe scene, but instead of looking tirelessly for such an establishment, they decided to form their own.
via FaceBook / Naturalia札幌
Some of the rules for employees include no makeup, no flashy nails, and no excessive hair dye, such as blonde hair. They will also turn down any women who have a lot of experience at a standard night club or cabaret.
The owners’ idea seemed to resonate with fans, as it raised more than double its initial crowdfunding goal. The brand now has three locations in Sapporo, Shibuya, and Nippon-Bashi.
Cheers to the natural beauties!
Featured Image via camp-fire / Naturalia
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