Video Captures Strangers Rescuing Woman From Vicious Attack in China

A group of pedestrians became good samaritans after saving the life of one woman from a crazy attacker in China.
The incident, caught on video (via CCTV), took place in Shenzhen at around 10 a.m. on September 17.
The woman was buying groceries when the perpetrator, a man armed with a weapon, came to attack her.
The man reportedly punched, kicked and stabbed his helpless victim multiple times.
Fortunately, a group of bystanders appeared to figure out what was going on. According to Shanghaiist, a deliveryman named Lu Jinyue first thought that the scene involved a couple getting into an argument.
But when Lu saw the woman covered in blood, he knew it was different. He rushed to grab a bamboo pole from another onlooker and whacked the unidentified weapon out of the man’s hand.
Furious, the man pursued Lu. Thankfully, another onlooker who was driving a car hit the perpetrator from behind. The crowd then gathered to contain the man, pinning him to the ground.
Citizens pin the attacker down.
Police later came to the scene and found the injured attacker and his victim, who was still covered in her own blood. Both were rushed to the hospital.
The victim
The man reportedly remains under police custody while the woman recovers at home.
Check out the footage of the rescue below:
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