Bystanders Just Watch as Couple Brutally Attacks Chinese Food Delivery Man

A Chinese food delivery man was violently attacked by two still-unidentified suspects inside a building in the Bronx borough of New York earlier this month.

Local authorities are now looking for a man and a woman who were caught on surveillance video brutally attacking and robbing 21-year-old Ahmed Sayed. The clip also shows some bystanders witnessing the assault but did not, at any point, attempt to stop the ongoing crime, CBS 2 New York reports.

The victim was reportedly making a delivery of Chinese food at a building on Olinville Avenue near Britton Street in the Allerton neighborhood when the assault began.

According to the police, Sayed was standing in the lobby when the suspects began pushing him. A barrage of punches and kicks were thrown at the victim, forcing him to drop to the group. The criminals then grabbed the man’s iPhone and money before fleeing the scene.

Sayed, who is now reportedly recovering from minor injuries, has declined to make a comment as he did not want further publicity from it.

Meanwhile, the suspects, who remain at large, were also captured on surveillance video at a nearby store. The NYPD released the screenshots of the suspects’ footage below:

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