Cosplayer Cuts Wedding Cake With Buster Sword From ‘Final Fantasy VII’

buster sword

A cosplayer has gone viral for using a full-scale replica of Cloud Strife’s Buster Sword to cut his cake during a wedding reception.

Tokyo-based cosplayer Clow posted a video on his Twitter account showing the groom and his bride joining hands as they both cut their wedding cake using the sword popularly used by Cloud Strife, the protagonist of the hit PlayStation game “Final Fantasy VII,” according to SoraNews24.

The massive cake slicing is not the only reference the cosplayer and his wife used from “Final Fantasy VII.”

The song “Bombing Mission,” a musical piece played in the game when Cloud made his first appearance, can also be heard playing in the background.

Clow, who was married in Spain, was able to pull off the “Final Fantasy VII” part of his wedding by using a custom-made sword made by Japanese cosplay prop maker Ariya Max Gamute.

The details on the iconic weapon are reportedly accurate as the Buster Sword has two Materia orbs — healing and summoning — made of UV curing resin embedded into it.

Social media users who speak Japanese, English and Spanish were able to enjoy the post as Clow is proficient in all three languages.

Featured Images via Twitter / @ritobasu_clow

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