Businessman in Vietnam Forgives $13,000 Dent After Poor Truck Driver Hits Bentley

A Vietnamese businessman generously decided not to charge a certain financially troubled driver an excessively large fine for accidentally hitting his luxury Bentley ride. Nguyen Duong fell into an accidental nightmare after he crashed his concrete mixer onto businessman Pham Quang Tung’s Bentley vehicle on August 25.

The Vietnamese businessman then requested for the concrete mixer driver to pay a whopping 300 million Vietnamese dong ($13,200) fine as compensation for the accident. Local police later revealed that Duong has been going through some financial woes as both his parents are in “poor health conditions,” according to TuoiTreNews.

“I have no choice but to sell my house to afford such compensation amount,” Duong added. Fortunately for Duong, he received a surprising phone call from Vietnamese businessman Tung two months later in regards to his large fine being called off altogether.

When Tung was asked about the motive behind his heartwarming gesture, the businessman explained saying “If I had asked Duong for the money, he would have had nothing but a dark future.” Tung’s kind consideration earned him the praise and respect of netizens who called his act a “lovely gesture” and lauded him saying “what a kind-hearted businessman.”

Another person further commended Tung by saying “A man with a generous heart, wish you all the best with your business.” What’s even more amazing is that the only thing Tung requested from the financially-troubled driver was that he should now pay his kind act forward to those in need of help.

With that said, Tung is one businessman who’s getting some well-deserved praise unlike a particular Thai model who endangered the life of a civilian by crashing her luxury car onto a taxi in an attempt to end hers.

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