Businessman Looks for a Chinese Girlfriend For His Son at Beijing’s Marriage Market

Amir Gal-or, the Israeli businessman and managing partner of a private equity Chinese bank, Infinity Group, was spotted at Beijing’s marriage market last weekend reportedly looking for a Chinese girlfriend for his son.

Gal-or describes his son, Raz, as a 23-year-old graduate of Peking University, according to Shanghaiist. He is 182 centimeters (6 feet) in height, and makes 80,000 yuan (around $12,140). It’s unclear though if this is his monthly or annual income.

Raz Gal-or is a famous Weibo user who has more than 311,000 online followers.

Image via Weibo

He also runs Ychina, a video series that “aims to bring you the forefront of Chinese culture, media and technology.”

It is unclear if Gal-or’s presence at Beijing’s marriage market was some sort of publicity stunt. His son is fairly popular on the Chinese micro-blogging site and interviews random pedestrians on Ychina, so he might not have a problem talking to the ladies himself.

Whatever the case is, this is not the first time something like this has happened at a marriage market. Earlier this year, an American woman tried her luck in the market by offering United States citizenship to the lucky guy who would offer to take her hand, South China Morning Post reported.

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