Bored Businessman Trolls Hotel Staff With Ridiculous Requests to See What He Can Get Away With

A businessman on an out-of-town trip decided to have some fun during his stay at a hotel by making ridiculous requests to the hotel staff.
The unidentified guest reportedly made silly demands which were amazingly fulfilled by the impressive hotel employees, reported Daily Mail.
The traveler’s friend shared the story under username Jnut731 on image-sharing site Imgur via a post entitled  “Ridiculous and hilarious hotel requests, fulfilled. One way my friend entertains himself while traveling on business.”
The list of his friend’s bizarre requests included asking for a photo of a dog dressed as a boat captain, photos of Alfonso Ribeiro and Jeremy Jackson facing each other and several other equally far-out demands. All of them were fulfilled as requested.
One request was a simple fort fit for a man-child: “If it’s not too much to ask, could you build a fort out of pillows? It’s definitely not for a 28-year-old male.”
Another one of his silliest requests was for a drawing of what he might look like.
“If you could please draw a picture of what you think I would look like and place on my bed I would appreciate it,” he said.
The staff pulled through with a framed drawing of a bearded man.
He also asked for a picture of Grandma Winslow from the popular ‘90s sitcom “Family Matters,” and sure enough the image was waiting for him when he returned.
The Imgur post, which has since been viewed more than 800,000 times, prompted readers to share similarly unusual requests they themselves have made during their own hotel visits.
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