Bus Station Security Caught Fondling Female Commuters in China

A transport security inspector in China has been arrested after surveillance footage showed that he touched female commuters unnecessarily.

In the video, the inspector, stationed at a Zhengzhou bus terminal, is seen letting male passengers pass through him after metal detection without issue.

Female passengers, however, had their breasts questionably touched in a rather pretentious act of ensuring security.

According to Shanghaiist, a woman complained about the perverted inspector to the bus terminal staff last week. Fortunately, that report led to the recent investigation.

The inspector was hired by a security company in Zhengzhou, according to Shanghai Daily. The inspector has been detained for five days beginning on Friday and will thankfully not be resuming his duties.

If anything, this warns commuters to be more vigilant of such disgusting “inspections.” Some parts of the body — male or female — are just off-limits.

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