Bus Driver Stops to Save Suicidal Woman From Jumping Off a Bridge

Bus Driver Stops to Save Suicidal Woman From Jumping Off a Bridge
Ryan General
By Ryan General
June 7, 2018
A heartbroken Chinese woman attempting to jump off a bridge in northern China was given a new lease on life after a female bus driver convinced her to change her mind.
The potential suicide was averted by Zeng Hanxi who was driving along a route in Wuhan on Sunday afternoon when she saw the woman climbing up the railings of a bridge over Yangtze river.
A video posted on PearVideo showed how the driver made an emergency stop in the middle of the bridge and pull the woman to safety with the help of her passengers.
Identified only by her surname Xu, the woman was reportedly upset at the time after arguing with her husband over the phone.
According to South China Morning Post, Xu’s husband lives in Shenzhen, which is over 1,000 kilometers (620 miles) away from Wuhan.
“I was going over the bridge at one o’clock when I saw a woman on the side without shoes on, climbing over the railings and stopping to sit on top of them. I quickly stopped the bus and shouted ‘don’t move’,” the heroic bus driver was quoted as saying.
“She wouldn’t stop crying with grief. I called passengers on the bus to help get her off the bridge, I was scared she would want to do it again.”
Zeng drove the troubled woman to the nearest bus terminal where a friend was summoned to come and pick her up.
Featured Image via Facebook / PearVideo
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