Burglars wanted for targeting Asian business owners, workers in New Jersey

new jersey burglary
  • Police in New Jersey’s Egg Harbor Township are looking for three individuals who allegedly burglarized a home of an Asian business owner last month.
  • The incident is the latest in a string of cases targeting Asian business owners or employees in the Atlantic County area.
  • Police are yet to determine whether the same group of suspects is responsible for the other burglaries.

Police in New Jersey’s Egg Harbor Township have released surveillance images of individuals who allegedly broke into the residence of an Asian business owner last month — a case they say is part of an increasing pattern targeting the same victims.

“They target the residences of those either employees or business owners,” Detective Michael Santoro said, according to WPVI.

The latest burglary involved three suspects, one of whom appeared to pose as a food delivery worker. It’s unclear if the same group was responsible for all the break-ins, but police said the incidents typically involved three to four people.

Five incidents were reportedly recorded in Egg Harbor Township in the past year, while two were documented in Absecon and Hamilton Township.

“They typically case out the business itself, establish times when they are at the business and not at the business. And typically they follow those individuals home to determine a pattern,” Santoro added.

All reported cases involved Asian victims. For this reason, police said the suspects may also be charged with bias crimes when they are caught.

Trinny Huynh, a manager at a nail salon in Northfield, was among those whose homes have been targeted. She said she was upset over the incident.

“We work hard for our money,” Huynh told NBC10 Philadelphia. “Why do you take that from others? It’s not yours.”

Police are urging the public to be vigilant of their surroundings when heading to and from work. They also warn against keeping large amounts of cash, jewelry and luxury purses at home.

“Nowadays I don’t believe we have cash at home,” Huynh said. “At the business, mostly now we do credit cards.”


Featured Image via Egg Harbor Township Police

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