Burglar in China Captured After His Getaway Flight was Delayed at Airport

A man accused of stealing phones and watches was nabbed by police after his flight from Hangzhou International Airport was delayed twice on Sunday, according to South China Morning Post.

Police were notified by a Hangzhou resident that his home had been burgled, reporting two phones and a watch missing from his house. The stolen items were valued at 8,000 yuan (approximately $1,200).

Officers were able to track down the suspect, identifying him a mere 20 minutes before his plane was supposed to depart for Haikou.

Fortunately, the flight was delayed twice, first for two hours, then for another forty-five minutes, which bought police officers enough time to arrive at the boarding gate and complete their arrest.

When asked why the flight was delayed, the airport responded that bad weather and air traffic control was to blame.

The suspect had been jailed for theft three years ago; it is unknown how long he spent in jail for his crime. He admitted to the officers that, upon his release from jail the first time, he started stealing again as a means to support himself after running out of money.

Featured Image Via Wikimedia Commons / Chinneeb (CC BY-SA 3.0)

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