Burger King Brilliantly Responds to Man Who Shamed Them For Hiring Deaf Employee

Burger King Indonesia has slammed an online skeptic for questioning why the company hired a deaf person to be an order taker.

Twitter user Lucas criticized Burger King’s intention to hire deaf employees at its branch in Jalan Sunset in Kuta, Bali to join their cashiers and order takers team, according to Bored Panda.

“Should i respect burger king to do this or should i said is this a marketing strategic sh*t to get our empathy?” the Twitter user wrote.

However, the company’s official Twitter account replied to Lucas’ post a day later to slam the user’s speculation.

“It’s not a marketing strategic sh*t. It’s just an equal right for everyone to have a decent job thing. Thanks for the shout out tho!” the company said.

Burger King installed specially-modified service counters in their Bali branch, advising customers that their staff is deaf. The sign also asks customers to point to a lighted signboard to select their orders.

People under Lucas’ thread supported Burger King’s inclusive move by hiring deaf people and called out the user for being offensive. One comment, from Twitter user Sammie, shared her experience as a restaurant employee with a hearing loss.

Here’s what others wrote on Twitter:

Featured Image via Twitter / TheKangxroos, (Inset) via Twitter / chillisauceabc

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