Small Vietnamese Noodle Shop Becomes Instant Hit After Visit From President Obama

Ever since the United States President Barack Obama dined on a bowl of “bun cha” at Bun Cha Huong Lien, new customers have been flocking to have a taste of the restaurant’s specialty: a flavorful rice noodle soup with pork patty and bacon.

During his visit to the eatery, he was joined by American chef and food critic Anthony Bourdain. Today, the two-story restaurant is emblazoned with photos of the POTUS and Bourdain.

While the place was already a hit among locals, Obama’s star power has attracted more foreigners, reported Straits Times. Now famously known as “Obama bun cha,” the 23-year-old restaurant has capitalized on its instant fame by introducing new specials, such as the $4 “Combo Obama,” which adds a side dish of spring rolls and local beer to the house specialty soup.

According to owner Nguyen Thi Lien, her customers have doubled as her store has become a must-visit on many Hanoi tours.

“People come here because they are curious about why Obama chose my restaurant,” she said.“So many have come and we cannot serve them all.”

Obama was on a state visit to Vietnam when he made the unannounced stop, which produced photos that instantly became viral. It will also be featured on Bourdain’s show “Parts Unknown,” scheduled to air on Sunday.

In the episode, Obama was shown enjoying the local delicacy. “This is killer, this is outstanding,” he said.

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