Bullied Vietnamese Girl Regains Self-Confidence With $14,000 of Plastic Surgery

Kuok is a young Vietnamese woman who grew up getting bullied for her looks, but now turns heads wherever she goes.

While her gorgeous looks cost her around $14,000 after getting plastic surgery, Kuok says it was worth every penny.

Throughout her childhood, she was always made fun of for her flat nose and thick lips and often experienced being purposely excluded by classmates from gatherings or events.

Kuok also felt extremely left out in the dating scene as many called her “too ugly” and “undesirable.” 

During a match-making session, a dating prospect reportedly said: “If I marry her, I will lose my appetite.”

According to Kuok, the harsh words and discrimination she constantly faced due to her looks damaged her self-confidence.

She then decided to undergo plastic surgery back in 2016, transforming herself into a woman radiating with confidence.

A year after taking control of her fate, she met the man who would eventually be her husband, according to China Press (via WOB).

It was also reported that the former “ugly duckling” married her extremely wealthy boyfriend last year in a lavish wedding befitting a princess.

Featured image via China Press

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