81-Year-Old Fit Grandpa in China Thinks He Can Take Arnold Schwarzenegger

Huang Rubiao still maintains an incredibly toned physique at 81 years old and boasts that his body looks better compared to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s body.

via Beijing News

Born in 1937, Huang promised to live a healthier lifestyle after he suffered a stroke.

via Beijing News

The super buff grandpa routinely consumes two cups of milk every day and his lunch consists mostly of full protein to help repair and grow his muscles, according to Shanghaiist.

via Shanghaiist

In his prime, Huang was one of the first professional athletes from China. He competed in China’s first National Youth Games in 1956 and was part of Henan Province’s gymnastics team.

via Beijing News

While he no longer competes as a professional athlete, he still tries to keep his body fit. He also said in the now-viral video that he could take on 70-year-old Arnold Schwarzenegger.

via Beijing News
via Beijing News

I heard that he can’t even compare to me nowadays. He started slacking off after becoming governor and his muscles became flabby. But I still keep my body fit and firm,” Huang said.

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