Buddhist Master Throws Up on Carpet After Spinning for 4 Minutes Straight During Ceremony

A Buddhist master from Taiwan became an online celebrity for throwing up on a carpet after spinning for four minutes straight during a blessing ritual.


In the video, which was posted by Master Huiyen on her official Facebook page, the Buddhist practitioner can be seen holding a bottle of holy water in one of her hands.

She walks on a red carpet while spinning and blessing a temple in central Nantou, Taiwan about 152 times, according to Shanghaiist.

After finishing a bottle, her assistant hands her another one while maintaining her motion.

The master did not stop for a second to catch her breath, continuing the ritual for four minutes.

However, the constant twirling had a serious effect on her body.

Around the four minute mark, Master Huiyen stopped in her tracks. Nauseated, the Buddhist master immeditely threw up on the carpet as her assistants prevented her from falling over.

Master Huiyen seems to be unashamed by what happened. She continued to post positive messages on her Facebook page and under the comments of the video.

Images Screenshot via Facebook / 惠嚴法師

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