Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Carlton Davis Releases Statement After Using Anti-Asian Slur

Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback Carlton Davis has apologized for using an anti-Asian slur in his Tweet from Sunday night. 

“Gotta stop letting gooks in Miami,” the now-deleted Tweet read. 

The 24-year-old apologized in his subsequent Tweets, saying he wasn’t aware of the meaning. 

He claimed that he was referring to a specific producer from Miami and thought the word meant “lame.” He included an Urban Dictionary definition to show his intended connotation of the word.

He ended his apology by acknowledging that it comes during “tough times.” 

The Buccaneers GM Jason Licht followed up Davis’s apology with a statement explaining how he and the organization will work harder to understand and learn from the incident. 

Davis’s messages come during a time of increasing anti-Asian bias and violence reported throughout the country amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Many famous athletes including Jeremy Lin and Chloe Kim have spoken about the recent anti-Asian incidents.

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