Musical Genius Uses Boba to Make Beats and It Actually Slaps

Asians love bubble tea pearls so much that we’ve seen the gooey goodness incorporated into a variety of unlikely dishes from pizza to sandwiches, and even hot pot.  

However, one music producer took boba to an entirely new level by using the popular milk tea topping as a musical instrument.

Producer Shawn Wasabi dropped some sick beats using tapioca pearls via two impressive videos on Twitter on Wednesday.

“HERE’S THE MF TEA (really important you need to hear this),” he captioned the first video.

In the viral clip, Wasabi is shown sipping up a few pearls from his cup using a straw and then spitting them out on a plate. He then attached cords into each tapioca ball, hooking them up to his Midi Fighter beat-making gadget.

Wasabi then started tapping into the pearls to create some catchy beats that sound nearly ready for a studio release.

In the second video, he continued to produce even more complicated beats.

The first video has been viewed over 2.5 million times, generating thousands of retweets and likes from impressed netizens.

Check out more of Shawn Wasabi’s brilliance on his Facebook and YouTube account.


Featured image via Twitter/shawnwasabi 

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