BTS Member V Becomes ‘Most Beautiful Man on Earth’ By Shedding a Single Tear

The BTS ARMY of fans is feeling a bit emotional after a video of band member V shedding a tear as he sings their single “The Truth Untold” during a concert went viral on social media.

V, also known by his real name Kim Tae-hyung, was spotted tearing up while mouthing the lyrics to the band’s single from the album “Love Yourself: Answer” during a performance at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey for the “Love Yourself World Tour” on Sept. 28-29, according to AllKpop.

The clip, which was posted online by a fan, has garnered more than 1.08 million views, over 20,500 retweets and 39,000 likes on Twitter.

Fans got emotional after seeing V shed a tear. Here’s what other people are saying on Twitter:

Featured Image Screenshot via Twitter / lejindarycait

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