ARMYs sing along to BTS’ V in Dubai as world’s tallest building lights up to honor his 26th birthday

V on Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa skyscraper in Dubai displayed BTS’ V on the side of the building for the second consecutive year in a grand birthday gesture from his Chinese fan club.

V’s 26th Birthday: The K-pop idol’s Chinese fan club Baidu Vbar organized a three-minute birthday ad on the world’s tallest building to celebrate his 26th birthday on Dec. 30.

  • “This year, China Baidu VBar persisted and overcame many difficulties to once again secure this golden spot for the 3 minutes show on Burj Dubai as an important gift for Taehyung,” the fan club shared. 
  • “When this grand and solemn world size gift lights up in the early morning of December 30th (South Korea time), we want to stand at the center of the world and tell Taehyung and the world through this excellent channel that: We love BTSV but we love KimTaehyung more,” they added. 
  • According to Allkpop, V is the only K-pop artist to be featured on the Burj Khalifa. It is the second year the Chinese fan club was able to organize the sound and light show. This year, it featured videos of V while his song “Inner Child” played in the background. 

  • Allkpop estimated last year’s three minute birthday ad on the Burj Khalifa cost about $68,000 and reported that the Chinese fanbase raised about 7 million yuan (approximately $1.1 million) in only 80 days for the 2020 display. 
  • In another grand birthday gesture, V’s Indian fanbase @Taehyung_india_ has rented out billboards in Delhi and Kolkata for more birthday ads, according to the Hindustan Times

Featured Images via @KIMTAEHYUNGBAR_ (left), @AkpraiseMedia (right)

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