BTS’ RM Learned English From ‘Friends,’ Now Will Appear in the Reunion Special

HBO announced earlier this month that South Korean supergroup BTS will make an appearance in the highly-anticipated “Friends” reunion special.

Former English teachers: Several members of BTS are fans of the popular ‘90s sitcom, but the group’s leader Kim Nam-joon, who goes by RM, revealed on “Ellen” back in 2017 that the show played an important role in teaching him English when he was a teenager.

  • RM’s mother reportedly bought every season of the series on DVD for him.
  • He watched the show with Korean subtitles before switching to English subtitles. He eventually watched the show without needing any subtitles. 
  • “Ross, Chandler, Monica — they were my English teachers, actually, from the States,” RM said, according to Entertainment Tonight. “I’m so excited about this [TV special] … I feel like I actually became friends with the Friends.”

Managing expectations: Ben Winston, who directed the special, took to social media to address the excitement surrounding the BTS cameo. 

  • “I want to manage your expectations on this — it’s a really short moment from BTS,” Winston wrote in a tweet.
  • He then praised the group and shared that “they are one of the interviews, talking briefly about why they like friends.”

Details about the guests of the reunion special, which is set to premiere on Thursday on HBO Max, have mostly been kept under wraps “to ensure a spoiler-free viewing experience for fans,” a statement from the streaming service read.

Featured Image via The Ellen Show

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