BTS Playing On American Radio is Peak Hallyu and We’re Honestly Here For This

BTS fans in Chicago and San Francisco were shocked to hear their beloved boy group grace their ears as they listened to the radio this week.

According to Koreaboo, one of Chicago’s most popular radio stations, Hits 92 Chicago, played BTS’ “Cypher Pt.3” and “Fire” several times in one day.

San Francisco’s most popular radio station, Wild 94.9, also played BTS, choosing the song “Not Today” to replay to the delight of fans in the Bay Area.

Prior to BTS getting airwaves, the only other reference many Americans remember of K-pop being played on the radio is PSY’s historic hit, “Gangnam Style”.

Although K-pop is increasingly more popular with each passing year, it has yet to break into the mainstream market in the same way that American pop music typically does. Gaining worldwide fans in a government-backed attempt to export and monetize their culture has long been the goal of Hallyu, or the “Korean wave”, and BTS’ appearance on American radio is a symbol of just how far things have come since the country’s efforts began in the 1990s.

BTS has had numerous successes this year, including Billboard Top Social Artist Award back in May and the Billboard Top Social Artist Award back in May. Fans are hopeful that BTS’ popularity will continue to expand and feel that their presence on local radio stations serves to validate their status as musicians.

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons / Korean Culture and Information Service (CC-BY-SA-2.0)

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