BTS’ J-Hope Uses Jimin’s Flexible Legs in Viral Exercise Video

BTS’ J-Hope Uses Jimin’s Flexible Legs in Viral Exercise VideoBTS’ J-Hope Uses Jimin’s Flexible Legs in Viral Exercise Video
Carl Samson
August 29, 2019
BTS members apparently discovered a new and innovative way to “work out,” which ARMYs can try at home as long as someone is willing to be a piece of gym equipment.
The hilarious “exercise session” comes from J-Hope and Jimin, who found themselves with some time to relax and goof around this week.
While the septet is officially on an extended break, Big Hit’s cameras are still on to drop occasional “Bangtan Bombs” for the ever-supportive ARMYs.
The videos, which typically run for only a few minutes, show BTS members in candid, behind-the-scenes moments they themselves film at times.
Jimin and J-Hope singing and dancing to BIGBANG’s “Red Sunset Glow” in a Bangtan Bomb video in 2014. V being himself in the back. Image via YouTube / BANGTANTV
For Aug. 28’s Bangtan Bomb, J-Hope is seen using Jimin’s legs as handlebars of an elliptical machine!
Image via YouTube / BANGTANTV
If anything, the “session” shows just how random yet creative J-Hope can get, and just how flexible Jimin’s legs apparently are.
Image via YouTube / BANGTANTV
Jungkook appears in the video too, but he’s only a background fixture for the time being.
According to an ARMY who translated the video, Jungkook is complaining about an undercooked steak, and yes, all while the other two are “exercising.”
Jungkook enters the room. Image via YouTube / BANGTANTV
“It’s not even medium rare, it’s just rare? Why isn’t it able to be cut?” Jungkook asks. “It really is uncooked! It really can’t be cut!”
He adds, “It’s REALLY uncooked, though? What is this, it’s all just a lump of fat.”
Image via YouTube / BANGTANTV
Elliptical legs and uncooked steaks aside, it’s nice to see J-Hope and Jimin bonding in their first actual break since the group debuted in 2013.
The two are the only members who have been sharing a room for years, and because of this, they get to have the biggest space!
“We’ve been roommates for a long time now, and I think there’s a reason we’ve been able to stay together for so long,” J-Hope told Japan’s More Magazine in 2018. “We naturally try to give way to the other and we can rely on each other. I’m the older one and Jimin really does listen to me well. We don’t usually say this to each other face-to-face, but I’m always grateful to him.”
In response, Jimin joked, “That’s why I’ve given the right to clean my room to J-Hope too.”
ARMYs showered the pair’s exercise video with love:
Featured Images via YouTube / BANGTANTV
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