BTS member V expresses support to South Korean table tennis star Shin Yu-bin

South Korean table tennis teen phenomenon Shin Yu-bin received a special message from BTS member V supporting her Olympic bid. 

Olympic ARMY: Shin, the youngest ever Korean Olympic table tennis player at 17, is a self-proclaimed BTS fan and V is her favorite among the group’s members, reported Korea Herald.

  • The ping-pong star has shown off photos of BTS members in her backpack during interviews.
  • She also owns an autographed album by BTS, which she shared on social media with the hashtags “BTS” and “Bangtansonyeondan.”
  • She previously shared that “Dope,” BTS’ single from the 2015 EP “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Pt. 1,” gets her mood up.
  • She considers herself “a seongdeok,” a slang term in Korean that translates to “successful fan.”

Returning the love: V, reportedly an avid table tennis player himself, replied to a post about Shin on the fan community platform Weverse with the comment, “Fighting” in Korean with a thumbs up emoji.

  • In the post, a user shared a picture of Shin with the caption quoting what she said from a previous television interview: “I listen to BTS’s new songs often… my condition feels better.”
  • The fan wrote in Korean, “Country representative for table tennis, Shin Yu-bin athlete. BTS, thank you today too for letting many people gain strength.”
  • BTS ARMY members responded positively to the interaction, appreciating how the celebrities from different fields supported each other.

On Tuesday, Shin lost to a match with Hong Kong’s Doo Hoi-kem in the table tennis singles at the 2020 Olympics, reported the Standard. Doo also defeated the Netherlands’ Britt Eerland later in the evening to advance to the quarter-finals.

Featured Image via @shin_yubin_ (left), @choi_bts2 (right)

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