BTS’ Jin goes viral as ‘cute candle guy’ for his reaction to his blooming flower birthday candle

BTS’ Jin garnered over 100 million views on Weibo in just a day with his reaction to a blooming flower candle lit for his birthday. 

The “cute candle guy”: To celebrate his 29th birthday celebration on Dec. 4, the K-pop star went live on South Korean livestreaming service V Live. His surprise and amazement over his flower candle blossoming and spinning circulated on social media.  

  • On the Chinese microblogging website Sina Weibo, Jin went viral as the “cute candle guy” with over 100 million views in a span of a day. 

  • According to Allkpop, it was Jin’s first time lighting up a flower birthday candle.  
  • In the video, which became the No. 1 trending topic on Weibo, the BTS member can be seen shouting in amazement before joining along with the music from the candle to sing “Happy Birthday” to himself. 

  • A Twitter user shared a comment from Weibo that has received over 100 likes in which the Weibo user said, “There is a thick barrier of prejudice against Korea and BTS in our environment. But with pure happiness, cuteness and funnies, Jin easily crossed it and won over everyone. It’s really so impressive.”   

After completing their first live concert series in two years, BTS’ members created individual Instagram accounts following their announcement that the band would be taking a temporary break. The K-pop band will be back in time for their March 2022 “Permission to Dance on Stage” concert in Seoul.  

Featured Image via BTS LIVE

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