Gordon Ramsay Roasts K-pop Star’s ‘Overcooked Eggs With Worms’ on Twitter

Gordon Ramsay couldn’t give a stuffed chicken’s ass about BTS Jin’s culinary concoction.

A fan of the South Korean boy band, also known as Bangtan Boys, asked the British celebrity chef to give his thoughts on Jin’s dish, according to Allkpop.

Twitter user @churroseoks tweeted out a photo of Jin preparing a plate of noodles with a sunny side up egg, with the caption: “My boyfriend thinks he can win a season of Hell’s Kitchen, could you rate his food and make sure that egg is properly cooked?

Ramsay is not exactly known for being nice, so he gave the fan the brutal truth by replying: “Over cooked eggs with worms! No thanks.

It’s safe to say that Jin will not be making an appearance on one of Ramsay’s cooking shows, like “Hell’s Kitchen,” anytime soon.

The BTS bandmate wasn’t the only one who felt the wrath of Ramsay.

Several fans have been tweeting at Ramsay asking for him to critique their dishes with the restaurateur putting some of them down with insults.

John asked the chef on Twitter to “rate the level of doneness on this steak from raw to piece of old shoe.

Ramsay told him that the meat looked like “Ghandi’s flip-flops.

User Greasy_Burrito tweeted him a photo of a “chicken parmesan” from school with “MasterChef” host replaying: “If that’s Chicken Parmesan then I’m running for the next president…..

When user Liam asked Ramsay to rate his sandwich out of 10, the chef called it an “idiot sandwich.

Some, however, fared better than others.

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