Jimin’s father revealed to have silently donated groceries to low-income families in S. Korea

Jimin’s father revealed to have silently donated groceries to low-income families in S. Korea
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Reports have revealed that the BTS member's father, Park Hyun-soo, has been making donations in his son's hometown, Busan, for the past three years

September 4, 2023
Reports have revealed that BTS member Jimin’s father, Park Hyun-soo, has been silently supporting low-income families by donating food in his son’s hometown, Busan, for the past three years.
The “Ramyeon Fairy”: Since September 2020, Park has reportedly been working behind the scenes, donating 100 tuna gift sets and 5,250 boxes of ramen, which is known as ramyeon in South Korea. He reportedly made a total of eight contributions to struggling households in Nam-gu, Busan, under the alias “Ramyeon Fairy.”
The total value of these donations is estimated to be around 75.95 million Korean won (approximately $57,600). 
Hands-on involvement: On Aug. 5, Park reportedly visited the Nam-gu district office to donate 5 million Korean won (approximately $3,790) in Jimin‘s name. While Jimin himself was not born in Nam-gu, his father currently operates a cafe in the district.
Going beyond financial support, Park personally delivered boxes of ramyeon to the Nam-gu office. 
“[Jimin’s father] asked us to use the items to ensure that no one in need goes hungry,” an official source shared in Korean with SBS. “He personally loaded the boxes of instant noodles onto the truck and left them at the district office.”
Jimin’s own generosity: Jimin himself has also made substantial donations, including the 100 million won (approximately $75,850) he secretly donated to polio patients in 2021 and the 100 million won he donated to UNICEF Korea to aid children affected by earthquakes in Syria and Turkey back in February. The BTS star has also donated 1,200 new desks and chairs to Busan High School of Arts and secretly given 100 million won (approximately $75,850) to the Busan Metropolitan City Office of Education, among other donations.
Online recognition: Jimin’s father’s acts of kindness have garnered praise from countless netizens. Social media platforms such as X have been inundated with messages of appreciation for his unwavering commitment to his community.
“Jimin’s father and his son are very kind and sweet people, I hope they get all the love and happiness in this world, because they deserve it,” one X user wrote.
“They both have good, pure hearts,” another user said.

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