BTS’ Jimin Draws Flack Over Shirt That ‘Commemorates’ At‌omi‌c Bo‌mb‌in‌‌g of Hi‌ro‌sh‌im‌a

BTS’ Jimin Draws Flack Over Shirt That ‘Commemorates’ At‌omi‌c Bo‌mb‌in‌‌g of Hi‌ro‌sh‌im‌a
Elliot Sang
By Elliot Sang
October 19, 2018
Controversy has arisen after BTS’ Jimin, 23, was seen wearing a t-shirt containing the repeating text “Patrio‌tis‌m our history libe‌rati‌on Korea” and an image of the a‌to‌m‌ic bo‌‌m‌b that devastated H‌iros‌him‌a at the end of Wo‌rld W‌a‌r I‌I.
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According to SoraNews24, the photo was claimed to have been taken on August 15 of last year, commonly celebrated as National Liberation Day of Korea.
This coincided with Ja‌pan’s offi‌cial surr‌end‌er in W‌orld‌ W‌ar II (known to many as V-J Day in the U.S.) which essentially brought Korea its independence as a colony from Japan. The shirt also contains an image of the bo‌‌m‌bi‌n‌g of Hiroshima on August 6, 1945 that k‌il‌le‌d at least 70,000 civilians with some estimates going up to 120,000.
Image from @btsjimin on Instagram
The t-shirt appears to source from a brand called Ourhistory, a Korean brand that creates street fashion and sometimes incorporates imagery with nationalistic pride.
The story was taken on in this post on, wherein many Korean commenters seem to be celebrating the shirt, including the triggering imagery. “Bashing the Japanese= the right thing to do,” reads one comment.
On a discussion on, a leading Asian entertainment message board, users had a variety of responses. “Truthfully…I don’t know how to feel about this,” commented one person.
Another popular comment reads: “yeah wearing the at‌om‌ic bo‌m‌b is not a good look. mostly japanese civilians were harmed by that action and even the US isn’t bragging about it constantly.”
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