Instagram Model Gets Death Threats After Boyfriend Makes Fun of BTS ARMY

Instagram Model Gets Death Threats After Boyfriend Makes Fun of BTS ARMYInstagram Model Gets Death Threats After Boyfriend Makes Fun of BTS ARMY
Carl Samson
June 25, 2019
An Australian bikini model found herself on the receiving end of online hate following her boyfriend’s comments on K-pop powerhouse BTS and their rabid ARMY fans.
Gabby Goessling, who has 218,000 followers on Instagram, started suffering collateral damage after her beau, comedian Alex Williamson, chimed into an ongoing controversy surrounding TV show “20 to One,” in which host Erin Molan has been slammed for describing BTS as “the biggest boy band you’ve never heard of.”
The saga involving Williamson appears to have started after the comedian replied to a now-deleted tweet arguing that Molan’s remarks were “racist.”
“Shut the f**k up c**t it ain’t racist they just don’t give a f**k about boy bands who are designed solely to extract $ from the hip pocket of 14yo’s,” he wrote. “I’ll always revel in the genuine talents of South Korean professors such as Cheon Jinwoo. F**k these c**tz.”
Succeeding tweets show Williamson replying to more ARMYs, describing himself as a “man concerned for the state of the world” and that “successful” Asian people “doing something genuinely important in the field of science and medicine” impress him.
“After careful consideration I am hereby nominating myself to be the 8th member of BTS, thank you for your unwavering support,” he added. “I will make you c**ts proud with my generic vocals.”
Williamson continues to mock ARMYs over the next few days, claiming that he has “started World War 3” and that it only increased his fan base and ticket sales.

Started World War 3 last night. #firealexwilliamson

— Alex Williamson (@AlexWilliamson8) June 20, 2019
“Dat feeling when u go to war with a million angry teens and win,” he wrote in another tweet, which included a photo of himself chilling on a banana lounge.

Dat feeling when u go to war with a million angry teens and win. (My insta:

— Alex Williamson (@AlexWilliamson8) June 22, 2019
The comedian has since pinned a post apparently summarizing his position on the matter, pointing out that it is not about race.
“Aussies would say the same about Backstreet Boys and One Direction,” he wrote. “It’s clearly not a race issue, it’s a ‘boy bands are a gimmick’ issue.”

#firealexwilliamson I don’t work guys.. but I appreciate we have different tastes in music. Ha.

— Alex Williamson (@AlexWilliamson8) June 19, 2019
Following Williamson’s comments, Goessling, unfortunately, received a wave of hate comments, with some even wishing that she gets “raped and beaten to death.”
Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, Goessling said that she is not fazed by the comments, which she actually found “humorous.”
“I often get quite upset when I receive hurtful messages and comments online, but in this case- while I find it shocking and immature – I am not fazed by it and actually find it somewhat humorous.”
The model said that the trolls’ comments actually reflect what’s inside of them.
“Instead of taking what online trolls say personally and getting upset, I try to find sympathy for them because I believe bullying others displays deep insecurities in one’s self.”
Still, Goessling found the baseless vitriol “mind-blowing” — especially that some reached out to businesses she has worked with.
“It’s pretty shocking to me that they have contacted all the businesses that I have worked with recently, telling them that it is not a good idea to have me representing their brand, claiming I am racist, xenophobic, and homophobic.
“Having them attempt to destroy my career just for being associated with Alex is mind-blowing to me.”
Featured Images via Twitter / @AlexWilliamson8 (Left) and Instagram / @gabbygoessling (Right)
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