A BTS-inspired exhibit is now open at the oldest museum in the Philippines

  • The University of Santo Tomas (UST) Museum – the oldest museum in the Philippines – has launched an exhibit inspired by K-pop boy group BTS so that ARMY can go “Namjooning.”
  • “UST Goes Namjooning: Capturing Moments on Campus” highlights both the university campus and BTS with photos, merchandise and games.
  • “Namjooning” is a term that was coined by BTS leader RM – whose birth name is Nam-joon – after a fan asked him on Weverse about his summer vacation plans back in 2019.

ARMY can now go “Namjooning” at an exhibit inspired by K-pop boy group BTS at the University of Santo Tomas (UST) Museum, the oldest museum in the Philippines.   

According to its website, the museum was established in 1869 to comply with a Philippine law that required “first class colleges” to have natural history museums. 

From natural history to BTS history, the Philippine museum’s latest exhibit is “UST Goes Namjooning: Capturing Moments on Campus.” The term “Namjooning” is a reference to BTS leader RM, whose birth name is Nam-joon. Back in 2019, BTS went on a summer vacation and a fan asked RM on Weverse about his plans, to which he replied, “I’m Namjooning.”

Part of the exhibit highlights the university campus with background information about UST and photos taken by students, which is meant to emulate how RM often posts photos on his social media accounts.

The interactive exhibit also includes BTS merchandise and an area to play the same games that BTS play in their variety show “Run BTS!” The special exhibit will be open to the public from Sep. 13 to Oct. 21.

In other RM-related news, a Barnes & Noble in Connecticut has recently dedicated a display of books either read or inspired by RM for his birthday. Earlier this month, RM dropped “Sexy Nukim,” a collaboration single with South Korean music collective Balming Tiger. 


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