BTS Fans Got a Realtor Fired Because of a Racist Tweet

BTS fans, affectionately known as ARMY, managed to get a real estate agent fired from his job over a racist tweet this week.

The massive backlash all started following the K-pop group’s performance of “Boy With Luv” on “Saturday Night Live,” when Variety TV editor Brian Steinberg tweeted, “If any of these kids are actually singing I’ll eat the backstage llama.”


Steinberg’s tweet, which has since been deleted, drew scathing replies from ARMYs who defended BTS and each member’s unique talents.

However, one comment that sided with Steinberg stood out for its racist undertones.

“They look like kids. How old are they? Are Asian women even attracted to their own men?”

The comment came from a certain Brian Hughes, who has since deleted the tweet and taken his account his down.

People immediately dug for Hughes’s information on the internet.

User @AsianRailroader found that he is affiliated with Highline Residential, a real estate firm in New York City.

Shortly, user @taranya0 reached out to Highline Residential in an email, explaining that for someone working in such a diverse area, Hughes’s remarks must not be overlooked.

To the internet’s surprise, Highline Residential addressed concerns in no time, announcing that their relationship with Hughes had been terminated.

“We want to apologize to everyone for the inappropriate tweet sent by Brian Hughes. His comment does not at all reflect Highline’s values. We are proud to represent a diverse workforce and clientele. Our relationship with Brian has been terminated.”

Highline Residential CEO and co-founder Jaspreet Singh also offered a personal apology.

A quick check on Highland Residential’s website shows that Hughes, indeed, is gone.

ARMYs celebrated their victory for justice:

Meanwhile, people are still checking on Steinberg and his “llama.”

Featured Images via Instagram / bts.bighitofficial (Left) and Twitter (Right)

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