BTS Fan Trolls Her Dad With Jimin’s Pictures and the Results are Hilarious

A BTS ARMY whose father needed a break from her apparent fangirling had the perfect way to welcome him back home.

In a Twitter thread on Sunday, user @jiiminmoon shared how her scheme of putting Jimin’s pictures all over their house basically drove her dad bonkers.

“My dad left on a business trip claiming he needed a break from BTS and Jimin, so I made sure that when he gets home, he will see Jimin’s face everywhere he goes.”

From the door to the fridge to the toilet lid, @jiiminmoon spared no space from Jimin’s photos.

Image via Twitter / @jiiminmoon

“Why do you have him there?” her dad asked after spotting the first picture on a coffee mixer, to which she replied before laughing, “‘Cause he wants to see you.”

Her dad discovered more on the bathroom shortly and asked, “How many Jimin cards did you put up?”

After a while, @jiiminmoon joked that her dad “now knows that Jimin personally told me that he loves my dad and told me to place the photocards around the house.”

“He just went SILENT silent. I think he’s meditating … or planning to beat my A**,” @jiiminmood added.

As her dad came out of the bathroom, he threatened to take pictures of everything and post them on Twitter.

@jiiminmoon concluded the thread with a message for her dad, “You CAN’T escape the biggest boyband and THAT’S the tea DAD!”

The epic trolling has received thousands of likes and retweets since its posting, with many enjoying @jiiminmoon’s humor and her dad’s reaction.

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